ICAN Education Consultant, Konsultan Pendidikan Luar Negeri

We provide accurate and quick information on education abroad,We monitor the development of the students regularly applications, We provide the best solution according to circumstances and conditions of pupils. We apply the post-follow-up in which we will keep in touch with students even if the student has departed and start college in the State of destination. This is because that we can always be close to the students and can help in times of need.

ICAN Education Consultant, Konsultan Pendidikan Luar Negeri, Sekolah di Luar Negeri, Kuliah di Luar Negeri, Universitas di Luar Negeri, Studi ke Luar Negeri Our consultants have passed a series of training and training institutions and universities as well as from the embassy countries that we represent. ICAN Education Consultant for helping me get to where I am now. They helped me so much by answering all the questions I have about the school, where to reside and everything about studying abroad in general.

They handled all of the documents needed by the school and I just sat there wondering how they did it. I highly recommend getting assistance from ICAN Education Consultant for anyone in need of help getting to know about schools overseas.

Always be agents of education (education agent) which provide the best services according to the needs of Indonesian students to study abroad.

Provide education consultancy accurate, fast and reliable in helping the process of study abroad.Become an agent of education (education agent) faithful in planning their education abroad.

ICAN Education ConsultantBecome an agent of education (Education Agent) in Indonesia at the forefront in providing information and services to study abroad (overseas study).


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