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Defining the linguistic sign as an entity of two sides, namely bookmarks which is the material aspect of a sign, as we capture sound when people talk, and signified the mental aspect of the language. Frameworks were used in this study is based on Frame of Reference based on experience as well as the Field of Experience. Shopping in Elevenia Free Voucher 1 Million ( Belanja di Elevenia Gratis Voucher 1 Juta  ) Semiotic method in this research is descriptive qualitative, which is a method that is easier to adjust when the dual reality in this study, presents a direct relationship between the researcher and the research object, and can adjust the position of researchers to influence the pattern of values ​​interpreted. In this case, the emphasis is more analysis leads to lyrics Spending Continues Until.

Death that implies criticism about consumer behavior.  The results obtained from the interpretation of the lyrics Spending Continues Until Death is motivation and to not behave consumptive and wasteful lifestyles, because unconsciously consumer behavior has long-term effects and will make the process of life becomes a demand for pleasure and self-satisfaction.

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